Recommended Perth Skip Bin Hire

Part of creating this blog, I promised my readers that I will be featuring Perth local businesses in some of my posts. Now I don’t take this lightly. If a business is featured on my blog, you can rest be rest assured that they are very worthy of it. After all, it is my name and credibility on the line right? So it may only be a couple of businesses that I will be featuring or recommending.

In this post I’d like to feature and recommend an awesome skip bins Perth (trading as Wizz Binz) business that is delivering a service that is in high demand. Think about it, almost all of us would of required a skip bin (or two) to help us get rid of unwanted waste. By using a skip bin hire service, you are also keeping the neighbourhood clean and getting rid of unwanted rodents and other pests. So if you’re looking to hire a skip bin, then I would not hesitate to recommend Wizz Binz; a locally owned and operated Perth business. In the second half of this post, I will briefly touch on some of aspects of skip bin hire.

What many people don’t realise is the cost of getting rid of the unwanted waste. Also the responsibility of the company to ensure that the waste transferred to places like landfills meets the strict regulated waste guidelines. Depending on the local, the jurisdictions may be different. But the good thing is you, the resident, need not to worry about this. By hiring a professional, they can sort that out for you.

waste disposal perth

To help sort out the waste, prices are based on the type of waste collected. Obviously, some waste costs more to get rid off than others. Check out their website for current prices (link above).

The categories of waste are usually the following:

  1. General Waste
  2. Greens
  3. Clean Fill
  4. Heavy Mixed Waste
  5. Asbestos

Once you’ve chosen the waste type, it is important to know what is allowed and what is not allowed for that particular waste category. Failing to do so, will not only make it harder for the skip bin bin company, but it may incur you some hefty penalty charges. So check with your chosen skip bins service provider before you start dumping your waste!


Because part of the job is for them (the service provider) is to deliver and collect the bins, they may only service some Perth suburbs and not others. So just double check with your chosen service provider.

Pokemon Go and How You Can Use Hype In Your Marketing Plan

Pokémon_GO_hype marketing
Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Created by Niantic, which is the primary innovator when it comes to GPS-based games with their first product “Ingress”.

It’s quite ironic they had such great success since they spent almost all their resources on this game since its release way back 2012. Niantic has perfected the battle against GPS exploit, compatibility issues with Google maps and any other problems that may arise in a GPS-based game.

Even with all this experience and domination of the market (Ingress is the top, or only, optimized GPS-based game before Pokemon Go), Ingress can’t and won’t be able to reach the success Pokemon Go has experienced overnight.

Capitalise on Hype in the Media for a sharp increase in business.

Just because you have the best product in the market, doesn’t mean it will be the most popular. Pokemon Go, when it comes to features and contents, only got about a fifth of what Ingress has to offer. How come Pokemon Go trashed Ingress then? Well, I did some research regarding this and found some valuable lessons that we, as a business owner, can take advantage.

First, capitalize on hype, what people enjoy, what might be nostalgic, and add your twist on it. The best example of this is the boom in cafes that take advantage of the fandom.

Hype Marketing for Local clientsWhen Harry Potter was showing their final movies, successful Harry Potter themed cafe came to be. Their sale’s surged and all without the need to spend a lot when it comes to marketing since they are getting free exposure in social media, which will bring me to my second point.

Be creative and efficient with your advertisement, it’s not just about throwing money at it monthly. Analyzing your return on investment for your marketing will giving you a better understanding on where to spend your budget.

Learn what your customers like and use it to your advantage

If your potential customers are not drivers, don’t bother spending money on those roadside billboards. A basic knowledge when it comes to an advertisement, is to be aware of your target audience.
Niantic and Nintendo are mindful of the fact that most of its potential customers are always present in social media sites. So what they did is leak some information about their upcoming game, and their potential customers did the advertising for them.

If I have a Harry Potter themed cafe, what I would do is find those Harry Potter FB groups then maybe share a picture or video I created about my cafe, and they would go ahead and do the advertising for me. Free and very adequate exposure for me since those people would be my future customers.

But what would be the most important aspect you can gain from Pokemon Go? In my opinion, if you already have one of the best product around, but it’s not living up to its potential, instead of spending more money to make it better or giving up on it, you can always try to rebrand it in a way that takes advantage of the hype. But of course, don’t forget to grab the best part of your first products like Niantic did with their GPS technologies.

Instead of creating a new application from scratch, all they did is, grab the best part of Ingress, which is the GPS gameplay. Add Pokemon on it, which is important and nostalgic right from the start. Leaked some info on Twitter and Facebook since last year (2015) which in turn, provided them some of the best free advertisement ever seen in such a short period. Now Pokemon Go is so popular, their servers can’t keep up.

Best Review for Removalists in Perth Ever?

Generally, when it comes to business reviews it boils down to two type of reviews: 1) a good review that will give the company a good name or 2) a bad review that will obviously negatively effect the bottom line. Well, let me quickly say that this post features a very well regarded removalists company in Perth that had more positive testimonials than bad. So overall, I’m happy to give this removals firm a thumbs up!

Now before I spill on all the good stuff I have to say about this removals company, there will always be an opposing side, in this case a negative review. Although overall this company had more positive things said about them than negative. One must never ignore the negatives, even only one or two! Why? Simple. It is only human nature to remember the bad more often than the good. You probably heard of the saying “one bad review” is remembered more than 10 good reviews. It is no different in this case; when we last counted, we had 2 negative reviews and 50+ positive reviews. in today’s competitive market, this ratio of good and bad reviews is extremely good! Companies would do anything to get a review ratio like this removals company had. And I mean anything. This highlights the importance of having a good review ratio. It could make or break a business.

Now to all the good stuff that people had to say about this Perth’s removals company. The exciting bit! I know the very first question that all of you might want to ask right of the bat.. who is this removalists that I am referring to? I refrained from naming them at the beginning of the post for a good reason, ,but I won’t dwell on that. Rather than naming this removals firm, let me just provide you a link to their website: Crusader Perth Removalists (link will open to a new tab).

So what good stuff did the people of Perth had to say about them? Well, I can keep writing and writing. Pretty much non-stop. But I have to stop somewhere! So instead of writing all of the examples in great detail, I will summarise my top nine comments left by the customers themselves in dot points:

  1. “the best removalists in Perth hands down!”
  2. “prompt and over delivered”
  3. “friendly but yet very efficient”
  4. “strong lads who made the job look easy and effortless”
  5. “they had all the tools and equipment to make the move easy and more importantly safe”
  6.  “they even moved the furnitures to where I wanted it”
  7. “the price is very reasonable considering the work involved”
  8. “they didn’t charge a depot-to-depot fee, unlike other removals companies”
  9. “they even do interstate moves!”

removal truck pic

The Importance of Reviews, Testimonials and Social Proof in 2016

Are reviews important for Local business owners

When money is on the table, what is your process for finding a reliable contractor, the best product for your needs or the cheapest rates in your area?

Chances are, you want proof before handing over the hard earned cash.

In 2016 the consumer has become skeptical, to say the least.

With constant bombardment from online marketing campaigns, email blasts and paid advertising everywhere we look, it’s no wonder you would want to take a second look for third party validation and convincing reason’s to trust those that want your money.

In this post, I’m going to cover the importance of Reviews, Testimonials and Social Proof for any business be it online, local or a bit of both.

Testimonials And Why They Matter To Local Business Owners

Increase Conversions and Increase income

“Testimonials Increase Sales. Sales increase Testimonials. It’s a snow ball effect every business owner should strive for!”

Testimonials are a powerful way to increase the sales in your business. Having a third party validation gives your claims a solid background. It shows that you have excellent customer service and helps increase the trust within the buying community.

Having Testimonials on your website and your marketing material has been proven time and time again to increase the number of sales you business makes.

Instead of simply throwing more money at your business, taking simple steps like adding a few legitimate testimonials can quickly increase your return on investment.

If you have testimonials lying around, post them onto your website for social validation and mention it in your social media.

Doing this will do a couple of valuable things for your business.

1. Increase your orders or calls. Would you rather call a company that has some smiling faces with feedback as opposed to something that has nothing?

2. Drive people to your website. Adding testimonials to your site is great, but mentioning them on social media will help to bring people in. Leveraging this to your advantage is a pro marketing move that anyone can do.

The Power Of A Positive Video Testimonial

Videos reviews workA plumbing businesses we worked with back in January 2016 was getting a good number of visitors on the website, but the number of calls was sitting a little lower than we would have hoped.

I suggested they ask customers for a quick video review, letting them know that in exchange, they would get the next visit half price.

At first, the business owner was skeptical.

Knowing that he was only just making enough to stay afloat, I assured him this would do wonders for his business by converting the traffic we knew was on the website, into calls.

Sure enough, this local plumber got a couple of videos which we quickly uploaded to the website, and shared on social media.

This small act made waves in this business which is now scaling with new employees to keep up with the work.

Not only did the video help increase conversions, but it kept the people visiting the website on the page for longer, in turn, ranking the site higher and bringing in even more traffic.

Off course, that traffic comes with a higher conversion due to the video and the snowball effect has been started.

Now ask yourself, Was that worth giving away a half price service to a couple of customers?

Also, would you tell all your friends about the plumber who made a video about you? Possibly even show them, getting your business name in front of even more people?


If your not using Reviews, Testimonials and other third party validation in your business, you’re missing out on affordable marketing that can take your business to new levels.

I hope this post has helped to share some light on an efficient way you can market your business at next to no cost.

For more information and tips, as well as reviews of local business owners and what they have done to get on top, make sure to bookmark this website.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!